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Invest in Africa

For U.S. investors looking to identify or expand investment in African markets.

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Investing in Africa: The Business Case

With some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, African nations are playing an increasingly significant role in the global economy. The population is young and rapidly growing, and household incomes and consumption are projected to rise. Digital and mobile access is rapidly increasing, the infrastructure gap is closing, and Africa is primed for mass industrialization. Further, the U.S. Government has taken unprecedented steps to support investors. And with business environment reforms being made across the continent, the prospect of investing across Africa’s numerous and diverse countries is much different than it was in decades past.

Despite the wealth of opportunities, doing business in Africa continues to be associated with real and perceived risks. Institutional and infrastructure barriers, risk and reward imbalances, and high transaction costs can make it difficult for U.S. investors to find opportunities and close deals.

Prosper Africa, the U.S. Government initiative to increase trade and investment between African nations and the United States, helps mitigate those challenges. Leveraging the tools of 17 U.S. Government agencies, Prosper Africa provides investors with market insights, deal support, financing opportunities, and solutions for strengthening business climates.

Prosper Africa Tools See all Prosper Africa Tools

Type of Support
U.S. Government Agency

African Healthcare Investment Opportunities Report

Report On Opportunities For Investment In Africa's Healthcare Industry

Digital Invest: Mobilizing Private Capital for Internet Connectivity and Digital Financial Services in Developing Markets

Grant Opportunity

DFC Equity Financing

Access equity financing to drive development impact

DFC Debt Financing

Get access to direct loans & guarantees

Investment Climate Information

Get country-specific information on the business climates of more than 170 countries

Technical Assistance & Feasibility Studies for DFC-Supported Projects

DFC-supported projects can access funding for technical assistance and feasibility studies that will attract private investment

Work with USAID

Use this resource hub to navigate how to work with USAID

Prosper Africa Virtual Deal Room

Matching U.S. investors with African businesses.

USAID-Private Sector Partnership Opportunities

Find opportunities to partner with USAID in advancing both business and development objectives

USAID Development Innovation Ventures Grant

Access funding grant opportunities through USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures

DFC Political Risk Insurance

Protect your business or investment from political risk

USAID Grant Opportunities for Businesses in West Africa

Get financing to create jobs and export to the United States

Agricultural Info Database

Browse a global information database to gain insights on African agriculture sectors

MCC Tender Opportunities with African Countries

Bid on contracting opportunities backed by the U.S. Government

Training Grants

Access funding to help your business compete on foreign tenders

Project Preparation Assistance

Get funding to help move your infrastructure project from concept to development

USAID Trade & Investment Activity

Access support for your trade or investment deals from experts that specialize in facilitating U.S.-Africa transactions

Power Africa Information Resource Tools

Explore Africa’s power sector

Power Africa Finance Tools

Access financing and grants for power sector deals

Power Africa Transaction Assistance

Get deal support for power sector deals