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Get U.S. Government Support for Technology Deals in Africa

Africa's tech sector is rapidly growing. Explore U.S. Government resources that can help reduce risks and lower costs for trade and investment deals, such as financing, grants, and insurance.

Prosper Africa Supports Your Trade and Investment Deals

As African nations continue their expansion of technology infrastructure, the continent is rapidly becoming more connected.1 This has a cascading effect across business sectors, including healthcare, fintech, agribusiness, smartphone apps, and more.

Prosper Africa is a U.S. Government initiative that brings together the resources and power of 17 U.S. Government agencies to empower businesses and investors.

Get Financing, Grants, Insurance, and More

We support businesses and investors in securing financing—grants, loans, and more—through our resources gathered from 17 U.S. Government agencies.

Explore Financing

Find Deals

Prosper Africa has curated investment opportunities, including more than a dozen technology deals, live in our Virtual Deal Room.

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Contact a Trade and Investment Advisor

Not sure where to begin? Contact our trade and investment advisors for free assistance with getting started. Prosper Africa advisors are supported by leading private-sector transaction experts, as well as U.S. Government Deal Teams in Washington, D.C., and at U.S. embassies across Africa. Deal Teams offer local market insights and can provide on-the-ground advocacy.

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Network at Events

Find business opportunities and connect with partners at Prosper Africa and industry events.

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Prosper Africa Deals by the Numbers

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