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Attract U.S. Investment

For companies in Africa looking to raise money for their businesses

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$1.1 billion

Total value of reported venture capital deals in Africa in 2020

$5 million

Average deal size of venture capital deals in Africa in 2020


Increase in number of venture capital deals in Africa from 2019 to 2020

Many businesses need investment to grow, and the United States is home to the deepest pools of capital in the world. Positive trends like economic growth, a growing middle class, urbanization, and a young and dynamic population are spurring entrepreneurs and companies across the African continent to create new products and services. Investors in the U.S. are seizing the opportunity to invest in these innovative startups as well as other successful companies that are expanding their businesses.

We stand ready to help your business find and access those investments. The Prosper Africa initiative empowers African businesses to become investment-ready, find and pitch appropriate investors, secure investment, access loans and loan guarantees, and more. The initiative brings together the full suite of U.S. Government services to guide companies to identify partners, move business opportunities forward, and close deals.

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