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Prosper Africa Coordinator British A. Robinson Participating in COP28 in Dubai

Prosper Africa Coordinator British A. Robinson is participating in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) and Milken Summit from December 3 – December 12, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

COP28 will bring together governments, private sector and civil society from around the world to strengthen efforts to achieve shared climate goals and deliver on commitments to address the global climate crisis.

An estimated $3-5 trillion annually in climate finance by 2030 is required to effectively respond to the climate crisis worldwide. Prosper Africa will join with U.S. government partner agencies to demonstrate progress on its commitment to mobilize climate finance at scale through both public and private channels while ensuring equity and transparency in financial solutions.

“The private sector drives innovation, and invests a multiple of what the public sector invests in growth,” said Coordinator Robinson. “And for planetary challenges that affect us all, like climate change, the world needs all the innovation and resourcing we can muster to address a trillion dollar investment gap annually to avoid the worst effects to us and our planet.”

Coordinator Robinson is participating  in a series of panel discussions and events where she will delve into new approaches for mobilizing private capital for climate finance and localizing a range of available climate finance. She will also visit with companies that are providing market-led climate action and partnering with the U.S. government. The Coordinator will also participate in the 2023 Milken Institute Middle East and Africa Summit in Abu Dhabi.



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Prosper Africa is a Presidential-level national security initiative aimed at strengthening the strategic and economic partnership between the U.S. and Africa by catalyzing transformative two-way trade and investment flows. Through Prosper Africa, the U.S. Government partners with businesses and investors to advance deals, promote market opportunities, and strengthen business and investment climates. To learn more and connect with Prosper Africa advisors, visit