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Tunisian Tech Startup Partners with USAID to Take Country’s Dairy Industry to the Next Level

The Challenge:

The need for dairy products across the African continent continues to increase, signaling a sizable market opportunity in this sector. As Africa’s population continues to grow and create a bigger need for food, dairy products can help fill the gap. Additionally, consumers across the continent are demanding more dairy as culinary habits in sub-Saharan shift from utilizing powdered milk to fresh milk. MooMe, a Tunisian tech startup, is working to bolster Tunisia’s dairy sector by digitizing the entire dairy value chain in Tunisia and beyond. MooMe was looking to raise investment in order to expand its business across North Africa.

Our Solution & Impact:

By raising $148,000 in private investment, MooMe qualified to receive an additional $9,250 from USAID as part of an activity to support Tunisian small businesses. With this investment, MooMe is expanding with plans to create more high-quality jobs in Tunisia—for agronomy engineers, software developers, artificial intelligence scientists, and salespeople. Over time, MooMe also hopes to expand its business to other countries in the region. 

“We are creating a new model, and it’s a model that we can export to Algeria, to Morocco, and other countries.”

Ahmed Ben AchballahFounder and CEO of MooMe