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California-Based Company Partners with Cameroonian Business to Increase Energy Access

  • Cameroon
  • Energy, Infrastructure

The Challenge:

More than 37 percent of Cameroon’s population is living without access to electricity. Despite an urban electrification rate of 96 percent, Cameroon’s rural electrification rate is just 35 percent. Cameroon’s off-grid market is still developing, with a  market size of 2.5 million households lacking access to electricity representing significant potential for growth.

Our Solution & Impact:

Renewable Energy Innovators Cameroon (REIc) has partnered with SimpliPhi Power, a California-based provider of energy storage systems, to conduct a feasibility study on connecting more than 100,000 households in rural Cameroon to solar-powered minigrids. Through a U.S. Trade and Development Agency grant, SimpliPhi Power will conduct the technical, regulatory, financial, and legal analyses necessary to develop up to 134 solar-powered minigrids. The study will also include the design and monitoring of a minigrid pilot project.

“SimpliPhi is excited to work with organizations that share our commitment to delivering energy access for communities that will benefit most. As a mission-driven U.S. manufacturer and leader in sustainable energy storage technology, we believe that access to clean and affordable energy is fundamental to economic growth, social equity and environmental responsibility, and look forward to supporting REIc in leading this rural electrification initiative in Cameroon.

Jesse GerstinDirector of Sustainable Business Development for SimpliPhi Power