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ANKA and Prosper Africa Launch Accelerator Program to Boost U.S. Exports from African Creative Industries

Washington, D.C. – Prosper Africa and ANKA announced today the launch of the ANKA Growth Club, a transformative nine-month virtual accelerator program designed to boost African exports from the creative industries, including fashion, beauty, textiles, art, and home goods, to the United States. 

Through this partnership, Prosper Africa will connect African brands with U.S. buyers to increase two-way trade and investment in these creative industries. The ANKA Growth Club is an activity under the Prosper Africa Buyer-Supplier Network.

High-growth companies in the African creative industries often face challenges in exporting products to international markets, such as lack of market access, technical knowledge gaps, and limited working capital. The ANKA Growth Club will provide more than 40 African brands with market access, industry networking, and mentorship opportunities, empowering them to boost their exports and establish a stronger presence in the U.S. market. 

Prosper Africa’s market insights report, Investment and Partnership Opportunities in Africa’s Creative Industries, drew attention to the global recognition, growing demand, and investment and partnership opportunities in Africa’s creative industries.

“We recognize the tremendous potential in Africa’s creative industries from fashion to home goods to drive growth, foster prosperity, and create lucrative economic opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic,” said Lisa Walker, Prosper Africa Deputy Coordinator. “This buyer-supplier accelerator program will provide dynamic African entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, and market access to achieve scale.”

African entrepreneurs are invited to apply for the ANKA Growth Club. Once accepted into the accelerator program, participants will go through a robust curriculum that addresses key aspects of exporting, branding, financial management, and more from industry leaders.

“The ANKA Growth Club represents a significant step forward in our mission to facilitate access of SMEs to global markets,” says ANKA CEO and Co-Founder Moulaye Tabouré. “The U.S. market represents a huge opportunity for African entrepreneurs to reach new customers and continue growing their business. Through the ANKA Growth Club, we’re not just providing support, we’re fostering opportunities, knowledge, and connections that will drive economic growth and innovation.”

Interested African creative sector brands can apply to join the ANKA Growth Club by November 22, 2023. For more information and to apply, please access the application form on the ANKA site here


About Prosper Africa

Prosper Africa is a Presidential-level national security initiative aimed at strengthening the strategic and economic partnership between the U.S. and Africa by catalyzing transformative two-way trade and investment flows. Through Prosper Africa, the U.S. Government partners with businesses and investors to advance deals, promote market opportunities, and strengthen business and investment climates. To learn more and connect with Prosper Africa advisors, visit