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We bring together a robust package of U.S. Government services and resources. Browse our full toolkit below. Not sure where to start? Contact our advisors at

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African Small Business Catalyst

Loans, grants, or technical assistance for your small business

DFC Equity Financing

Access equity financing to drive development impact

DFC Debt Financing

Get access to direct loans & guarantees

Market Development Cooperator Program

Partnering for U.S. Companies Breaking Down Trade-Barriers Growing U.S. Exports

Small Business Development Centers

Full service support to start and grow small businesses across the United States.

USAID-Private Sector Partnership Opportunities

Find opportunities to partner with USAID in advancing both business and development objectives

USAID Contract and Grant Opportunities

USAID competitively awards contracts and grants to firms to provide goods and services that contribute to economic development

USAID Development Innovation Ventures Grant

Access funding grant opportunities through USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures

USAID Grand Challenges for Development

Participate in Grand Challenges for Development to win prizes including access to grants, loans, equity, technical assistance and more

Credit Guarantees for U.S. Agriculture

Access guarantees from the U.S. Government to lower your financial risks

EXIM Loan Guarantees for African Buyers

Help your international buyers secure competitive financing

EXIM Financing for African Buyers

Get direct loans to purchase U.S. goods and services

EXIM Export Credit Insurance

Get insurance protection against nonpayment by international buyers

DFC Political Risk Insurance

Protect your business or investment from political risk

DFC Financing for Health Projects

Access financing for your health-focused project

USAID Grant Opportunities for Businesses in West Africa

Get financing to create jobs and export to the United States

State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) Grants

Get financial and business advisory support to help you export

Agricultural Export Credit Guarantees

Lower your financial risk with credit guarantees from the U.S. Government

USADF Grants for African-Owned Businesses

Get financial assistance for your business

Export Finance Support

Get the financing you need to begin exporting