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Direct Line for American Business

Hear directly from U.S. Ambassadors about the business landscape in countries around the world

Direct Line webinars showcase emerging sectors or new developments abroad. U.S. businesses will hear directly from U.S. Ambassadors and U.S. economic and commercial experts on promising market sectors and how to capitalize on new opportunities on the ground.

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Tool Snapshot
  • Partner agency: U.S. Department of State

  • Provides: Market analysis

  • Eligibility: U.S. businesses ready to export

With 96 percent of global consumers living outside the United States, exports are a great way to increase jobs and income here at home. Successful exporting requires accurate and up-to-the minute information on opportunities and market conditions abroad. The Direct Line program provides a unique opportunity for American businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, to engage directly via webcast with U.S. Ambassadors overseas.

Any U.S. business can register for a Direct Line webinar. U.S. businesses can also subscribe to receive e-mail announcements of upcoming calls, as well as offer suggestions for future countries and sectors for calls. Direct Line is a free service.