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Prosper Africa Inquiries

Prosper Africa fields many different kinds of requests from businesses and investors across the United States and the African continent. We support small and large companies, including those who are experienced at doing business between the U.S. and Africa and those who are interested in entering new markets. 

As a first step, we encourage you to browse our digital toolkit here.

Before contacting us, please consider including relevant information about your company and the specific opportunity you are considering so that we may direct you to the U.S. Government trade and investment services and resources that are targeted to meet your particular needs. 

When submitting an inquiry to Prosper Africa, the following types of information would be the most helpful:

  • Company Information: Contact information, your role in the company, firm registration location, size of the company, annual revenue, number of employees, number of years in operation, location(s) of operation(s), etc.
  • Transaction Type: The transaction must fall into one of the below categories in order to be eligible for potential Prosper Africa support:
    • Exports from Africa to the U.S.
    • Exports from the U.S. to Africa
    • Investment from the U.S. in Africa
    • Investment from Africa in the U.S.
  • Description of Opportunity: The current status of this deal, its stage of development, and any identified hurdles or challenges to the project’s advancement.
  • Prior Engagements with the U.S. Government: Prior calls or correspondence with U.S. Government officials (please include their contact information), pending applications for assistance, awarded assistance or agreements made with the U.S. Government.
  • Company’s Local Deal History: Your company’s average deal size, nature and geography of deals closed, the location and size of your largest deal, etc.

All information provided to Prosper Africa is voluntary. Prosper Africa intends to protect, to the extent practical and allowed by law, any confidential, proprietary, sensitive, or trade secret information that is shared with Prosper Africa that is marked “Privileged and/or Confidential.” However, Prosper Africa is not liable for the disclosure of any information provided. 

Contact us: