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U.S. Supports Pandemic Recovery Efforts for Ghana-Based Company

  • Ghana
  • eCommerce

The Challenge

Global Mamas is a Ghana-based social enterprise that works with women across Africa to create and sell unique, handcrafted products. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Mamas suffered a 90 percent loss in its domestic retail sales and a 40 percent loss in global sales. As a result, Global Mamas had to conduct organization-wide layoffs of its predominantly female staff, many of whom are the primary income earners in their households.

Our Solution & Impact

USAID’s West Africa Trade & Investment Hub has signed a co-investment partnership with Global Mamas that will leverage $2 million of private funding to support the company’s drive for sustainable growth post-pandemic. Global Mamas forecasts its domestic sales to recover and then increase to $300,000, and its export sales to reach nearly $1.6 million, primarily to the United States. This partnership will help preserve at least 258 jobs and create at least 85 new jobs by the end of 2022, of which about 80 percent will be for women.

“This co-investment partnership will support Global Mamas’ aim to build a more resilient organization by developing alternative income streams through product diversification and targeted-marketing efforts.”

Renae adamsFounder and Executive Director of Global Mamas

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