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Procurement Opportunities of the Transmission Project Under the MCC Senegal Power Compact


December 9, 2021
10:00 am Eastern


MCA-Senegal II, the government entity responsible for the implementation of the Senegal Power Compact, invites potential bidders to the webinar it is organizing, on December 09, 2021, on the procurement opportunities under the “Modernizing and Strengthening of Senelec Transmission network” (Transmission Project).


The Senegal Power Compact includes a US$550 million investment grant from the United States, through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), and an additional US$50 million contribution from the Government of Senegal for an overall investment of US$600 million. It focuses of three projects: Transmission, Access, and Reform.

With a budget of US$403 million (approximately 220 billion CFA francs), the Transmission Project will reinforce the efforts already made the Société nationale d’électricité (Senelec) to reduce the high generation cost and facilitate private sector investments in power generation through the building of a reliable high-voltage transmission network in and around Dakar. The Project includes the construction of approximately 30 km of 225kV underground cables and 16 km of 225kV undersea cables, the extension of four substations and the installation of an automated remote load shedding system on the network.