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Energizing Investment in the Solar and Renewable Sector

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April 27, 2022
11:00 am Eastern


Solar and renewable energies are rising as a commercially viable resource across Africa, being cheaper than coal, diesel, or gas. Recognizing that fossil fuel energies tend to be historically concentrated across the developed world, there is a huge opportunity to leapfrog energy infrastructure in Africa through decentralized solar grids that accommodate and optimize for renewables. Despite its potential and cost effectiveness, the challenge lies in drawing in commercial investment. Governments currently lack the investment template and assurances to attract private equity investment. There is an opportunity to develop crucial infrastructure in Africa without incurring foreign debt. What new technologies can be adaptable to local situations that are different from traditional energy grids? What approaches can countries take to attract foreign investment and create infrastructure that earns foreign exchange? How can we align the efforts of African countries to develop a template, draw in foreign investment, and earn foreign exchange or save on imports? This session explores models of effective renewable energy output across Africa and opportunities for future expansion of investment in solar and renewable energies.