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Congolese Diaspora Impact Summit 2021


September 17, 2021
9:30 am Eastern

Washington, D.C.


Congolese Diaspora Impact Summit, CDIS, was founded in 2018 to facilitate networking within the Congolese Diaspora in America, amplify the voices of Congolese experts and support initiatives that enhance the socioeconomic capital of the DRC and its Diaspora.


Build a platform to connect individuals of Congolese descent, and those who are interested in the DRC, to network and create relationships and initiatives that drive an impact in the DRC and its Diaspora, across the following categories: education, business, careers, healthcare and philanthropy.

  • Increase the social, economic and political capital of Congolese-Americans
  • Amplify the voices of experts of Congolese descent
  • Increase access to business & investment opportunities in the DRC and in America
  • Improve the environment to drive brain gain and development
  • Increase access to quality education and healthcare