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Blended Finance for Catalyzing Investments in Underserved African Markets

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June 23, 2022
10:00 am Eastern


Blended finance is not only the latest trend in the industry but one genuine prospect of closing the financing gap in underserved African markets. A Zoom webinar co-hosted by the USAID West Africa Trade & Investment Hub and Cordaid Investment Management will highlight this.


This webinar explores the partnership between USAID, the West Africa Trade & Investment Hub, and Cordaid Investment Management and how it developed sustainable businesses in the most crucial sectors, created quality jobs, mitigated COVID shocks, and helped thousands keep their income sources.

During the webinar, Cordaid Investment Management’s team will illustrate how innovative financial instruments, including first-loss grants and credit guarantees, allow for the mobilization of private capital flows to underserved economies, specifically in the West Africa Bright Future Fund (WABFF). The blended finance model of the WABFF, and its replicability in East Africa, will be discussed in a panel featuring panelists from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, Netri Foundation, and Cordaid Investment Management on replicating this model in East Africa.

Join us to explore how scaling the successful West Africa model can boost sustainable economic growth and employment on the continent.

Read more about the West Africa Trade & Investment Hub.